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Commercial liability coverage

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Commercial liability or “business insurance” is your best defense against claims and lawsuits that businesses can incur in the normal course of day to day business transactions. If you are not properly protected, the costs can ruin a business.

Commercial liability or general liability coverage can be difficult to understand. Do you really need cybersecurity insurance, what is workers comp, what if you are working with a city or government who has specific limits they want you to carry?

With so many types of commercial liability and coverage ranges, it is important to work with a knowledgeable and experienced team of independent agents who will hustle and find the right coverage for your unique business needs.

Ready to have options when it comes to your business insurance?

Our team is ready to go to bat for you to find the best insurance options possible from our large selection of carriers. Independent is always better!

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Business Owners Policies: Do you need to cover everything? This policy if for you. Whether you rent or own a building that you use for your business, have vehicles, and need general liability to protect your, this type of policy can cover it all!

General Liability: Have strictly a service-based business but no equipment? A General Liability will cover you from lawsuits or negligence. If your business has tools, you can add tool coverage to a General Liability policy effortlessly. Just be sure to talk with your insurance agent about these items to be sure they are included in your policy.

Commercial Auto: Many businesses also lease, rent, or own vehicles or equipment that should be covered in a commercial auto policy, not your personal policies. If you use the vehicle for work, you are going to want to be better protected than a personal policy will cover, and you will want to keep your personal assets protected from any lawsuit to your business. Whether it is one vehicle you need to cover or a whole fleet of vehicles, we can help you be protected.

Worker’s Compensation: In case your employees get injured on the job, you will want the proper worker’s compensation coverage to pay for medical expenses, possible death, and employee pay while they may be recovering. A number of our commercial insurance carriers also offer clients workplace training on how to avoid accidents on the job. This can help you keep your premiums lower, so it’s a win-win.

Commercial Umbrella Policies: Need more coverage than a general liability or auto policy will cover? This is common when you work with cities, shopping centers and other high dollar businesses. An umbrella policy will help add additional coverage for a very reasonable amount. 

Errors and Omissions (E&O): 

Let’s face it, in your business there will be times when mistakes will be made.  E&O coverage is specialty business liability coverage that protects a business from claims that arise out of your professional services, including acts, the failure to act and negligence. It will pay for lawyers fees as well as customer damages that may be incurred from your negligence or at fault acts.

Liquor Liability: Don’t get sued for someone else’s accidents. If you serve liquor at your place of business or as part of your business and someone gets into an accident, sadly, they can sue you for over serving them. Be sure you are protected with Liquor Liability.

Bonds: Bonds are very commonly needed in the usual day-to-day course of business, especially for contractors, lawyers, banks, and notary businesses. We offer many types of bonds including tax, vehicle, notary, or contracting. If it needs a bond, we can probably help!

Special Events Policies: Having an event, festival, trade show, or BBQ? We’ve got you covered! Our special event insurance policies can protect you for one day or multiple day events.

Equipment Breakdown: What would happen to your business if your equipment were to break down mid-production for a large client? Could your business keep functioning and producing? If you own your own equipment, a breakdown policy can help you get back up and running without a large loss.

Employment Practices Liability: Protect your business from internal lawsuits by employees. Whether the claim is about discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination, EPLI can be just the defense you need to weather the storm. 

Cyber Liability: Have an online store, take credit cards, or store sensitive customer data online for your business? Data breaches happen regularly these days, and you could incur lawsuits if you don’t protect it properly. A cyber liability policy can help you if your company has a data breach and needs to help customers repair their credit, pay for monitoring services, or simply gets sued for negligence.

Ready to have options when it comes to your business insurance?

Our team is ready to go to bat for you to find the best insurance options possible from our large selection of carriers. Independent is always better!

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